Hate Is An Opportunity to Challenge Ourselves

There’s a lot going on right now, impossible for me to fail not to see it; what to do with this energy being outwardly exposed through camera-phones, that’s another story.
I get angry, mad, frustrated, disappointed, the root to all of this emoting, fear, fear. I’m scared; scared to be black in a world that fears /shames my skin-tone, the hue that I didn’t not choose, the hue that origin of human comes from, the… Continue reading

Reduce many forms of child abuse from occurring in first place.

Sadly simple but challenging for many, the way to reduce child abuse is to give the person considering abusing a child a safe and confidential outlet to get talked off of the cliff of abusing.

I can hear it now, outrage. Expected, but that outrage doesn’t leave the child protected. We all see the news stories, some child abused, possibly killed because the abuser wanted to avoid detection. Many become blood-thirsty, wanting revenge.

I get… Continue reading

Latonia Williams & LaMerle discussing child abuse matters.

Latonia and LaMerle discussing what child abuse matters is doing and hopes to do, then Latonia poignantly discussing why some lives are not considered ‘significant’ enough to enact realistic social-changing policy for.

Sex-Abuse Survivors, Save Someone From Experiencing Violence.

It’s not easy surviving sexual abuse, being a survivor seems to give us a pass to hate, to hurt …… other’s because of our pain. What do I mean, “hurt other’s”; often when in pain we advocate not for solutions, but for revenge. In a revenge mindset no one wins, especially not you.

Winning, is there a such thing. Yes, winning is healing; heal and no matter what whoever did when, you’re okay, you’ve taken… Continue reading

LaMerle, August 8, 2015 Radio/Video Interview


This is a long video, many won’t be able to watch it all the way through, but it is one worth watching all the way through. Stay tuned y’all, we’re about to spring some things forward.


My first post since being released. 9/28/14

I was released on May 3, 2014, shortly thereafter I learned that California Governor Edmund (Jerry) Brown was directly involved in the least ascertaining the validity of my parole plan. Follows is the video of myself and Bishop Bob Jackson.

Since being released I have been doing a lot of things, one of the things I’ve done is talk to a class of teenagers at a San Francisco continuation school. First 58-seconds, sideways; after… Continue reading

Future of this Blog

Greetings. On February 5, 2014 I was found suitable for parole by the California Board of Parole Hearings. If all goes well, I should be released from prison no later than mid-June of this year.

This blog, site, and efforts that it speaks of will turn into a non-profit extension of things that I advocate for outside of prison walls. My intent is to get into public speaking and other outlets to spread the messages… Continue reading

Miscellaneous Thoughts

Working out and into my spiritual walk which I’m currently choosing to do through Buddhism. Like any spiritual walk I have good days, not so good, then just days where I’m just doing it. But I am where I’m supposed to be and I am finding more peace during such time that cuts down on, but not totally eliminates my need to rant. Doesn’t mean I don’t see and experience shit that frustrates me, it’s… Continue reading

Obamacare, Are You Serious?

Rollout, admittedly by him to be disastrous and the only reason he hasn’t rolled heads is because it would highlight further incompetence which ultimately leads back to him. Human mistakes happen, but damn!

The idea that I bought into was that of available health care for all, but damn the red tape connected to this …. wow! People going from plans they like, costing less that $100 per month, forced into monthly mortgage payments –… Continue reading

The Answer to Inmate Rehabilitation

On the weekend of Nov. 23-24, I was humbled, awed, inspired, and on occasion brought to tears of healing on issues that I thought I had long ago addressed. Any of you who have followed and or are just now getting acquainted with my views listed throughout this blog, know the tI am somewhat opinionated on the experiences I have had during my incarceration.

www.FreedomtoChooseFoundation.org – be sure to check out the video.

I need… Continue reading