Description of what a 602 is:

Prisoners who have a problem with prison policies or actions must file what is called a 602. For their complaints to be heard by someone outside of the prison, courts, etc., a prisoner must exhaust the 602-administrative process; failure to do so will bar them from Court-Review.

The following appeals were filed by La Merle this year, the prison refused to process either appeal which technically bars him from appealing it to the Courts.

The appeals are being offered on the site so that the public will see what is being barred from review, and what the prisons refuse to protect the public from despite the fact that they are aware that there is a problem.

It is our hope in sharing these issues that you, the public, place calls to your Local/County/State/Federal Officials/Media and demand some action in order to protect the public from predictable harms.

Note: La Merle has two pending writs (legal-documents) regarding the mandatory rehabilitation of sex-offenders prior to their release from prison, filed in Sacramento County on May 22, 2006, Case #06F04700.

Other writ is pending in California Supreme Court, filed on April 17, 2006; writ seeks to protect children visiting prisons from sexual-predators. Child-predators are restricted from visiting children that they have been convicted of sexually- abusing BUT they are not limited from being around other visitor’s children who have no idea the predator who has not been rehabilitated in any fashion is present and a danger to their child. Case #S142658.

In all appeals filed, La Merle was told he could not show how he was personally adversely effected, and thus barred from appealing issue; except in 602, requesting, “Mandatory-Testing for Communicable Diseases”, in that appeal he was told “The action or decision you are appealing is not under the jurisdiction of the Appeals Office.” Within the next 2-4 weeks La Merle will be filing a writ on this issue in the Amador County Superior Court. (Fee1 free to call that Court and ask whether they will order such testing.) Thank you for any assistance in realistically bringing change to the prison-system. On January 22, 2006, La Merle filed a Public Information Request, in which he asked prison officials to provide him with statistical data showing that the Public was benefiting from the current vocational trades being offered to prisoners, asking the same questions he asked in the appeal listed on site; thus far the Government has refused to respond; instead directing a retiring Captain (Robinson) to talk to La Merle and in the conversation admitting that they could not answer his question(s) or supply the requested data. A writ of mandate will be forthcoming on the Public Information Request, to be filed in Sacramento County.