Refuge, 5 Precepts, Vows, Buddhist Practitioner

Greetings. On 10/2/13 I took my refuge; fellow Christians (what does he mean, fellow? smile); that’s akin to being saved. I’m a Buddhist Practitioner, would have kept it to myself but part of my dharma, way, is to share so I am.

  • What do I mean by fellow Christian, or fellow Muslim, or fellow any other religious/spiritual journey or lack thereof? We’re all one, no matter the path we take to reach peace, heaven, nirvana,… Continue reading

California Governor Brown, Prison Reduction

You fail 70+% of the time in your mandate, recidivism rate over 70%, yet the public keeps trusting you with the problem. wow! Follow the money, get behind and beyond the emotional hype; a lot of people eat well off of there being uncontrollable crime, yet you expect them to curb that which feeds them … really!


Seriously, our government has intelligence, secret of course, that justifiers us surely killing some innocent people in order to teach the Assad regime that we mean business. Wow, current history teach us nothing.

Tell me again why we want to topple an Islamic country regime, aid the rebels fighting such, whom we know little about, in order to accomplish (Iraq/Libya/Afghanistan/Egypt/etc.) what, and to suffer int he future, what?

Subject of killing people so important, Senator… Continue reading

Domestic Violence

People who engage in domestic violence, or accept being subjected to such, are struggling with issues that need to be addressed. When not addressed through intervention, proof i in our statistical crime reports. First suspect in a killing is always the spouse, why? And since we know we usually suspect and or need to clear the spouse, what does that say about what we know and are not addressing about relationships, the #1 suspect, the… Continue reading


Roe v. Wade will soon be irrelevant in many states, Texas etc., because the opportunity to afford yourself of choice will be so limited that many unwanted pregnancies/childbirth’s will occur.
I wouldn’t want any of my children to be aborted, my personal opinion. But should I be able to make a woman carry to term a baby she doesn’t want/need; if so, am I willing to spend my tax dollars in helping her raise that… Continue reading

Treyvon Martin, George Zimmerman

RIP little brother. Why does it take such a senseless act to spur the minority to pay attention to and engage public policy, politics; indifference and you awaken to laws existing in 31 of the 50 estates with has legalized the killing of your children.
On 07/17/13, Michelle Alexander, author of “The New Jim Crow”, appeared on radio, www., she hand some very interesting things to say; also appearing that day was someone… Continue reading

To My/Our Gay/Lesbian Friends/Family

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ song “Same Love” says a lot and lays the foundation for so much more. god Bless!

Obama / Snowden / NSA / America

I’m not comfortable writing about this, I don’t want and especially don’t need to be on any anti-government list. But ….
What does America mean when you can’t question government without ending cup on some watch list; what does it mean when our “Press” is corporate-sponsored-owned and they basically do PR for government press releases; what does it mean when our government outright lies to us, gets caught, and we accept that t-HE-y “mis-spoke”; what… Continue reading

My Son

Our journey hasn’t always been easy; yesterday you told me you love me. I felt/feel it. To know you love me, I’d die a thousand times, thus I’ll breath as long as I can under any type of condition. I’m proud of you! Love Dad.

Paula Dean

Plantation wedding for her brother, use of the word nigger (not niggah), during the 1980’s; hmmmm. Personally I’m not that upset about it. Why? I was born in 1971, many of the oppressed blacks that raised/reared me often made statements/comments that were prejudiced based; honky, redneck, white-devil, etc., and those feelings ran so deep that if in a position of power they would have had/implemented racist policies/practices that adversely affected whites.
So, why are we… Continue reading