Reduce many forms of child abuse from occurring in first place.

Sadly simple but challenging for many, the way to reduce child abuse is to give the person considering abusing a child a safe and confidential outlet to get talked off of the cliff of abusing.

I can hear it now, outrage. Expected, but that outrage doesn’t leave the child protected. We all see the news stories, some child abused, possibly killed because the abuser wanted to avoid detection. Many become blood-thirsty, wanting revenge.

I get it, I understand, but then what I think about is, “Solving this crime won’t bring that child back. How do I prevent the child from being harmed in the first place?” Only all around logical conclusion I came to and it encompasses all forms of abuse, “When the person considering harming that child is triggered to harm, if that person could be talked down, coached down, we save the child from suffering the abuse in the first place.”

Many become upset at this train of thought and my simple response is this, “If you were the child about to be abused, maimed physically and or emotionally for life, possibly killed, wouldn’t you want something, someone in place to talk that person out of the idea of harming you?”

Talk the person off of the cliff, save the child, save them.

If you or someone you know need to be coached/talked off of that cliff immediately and or need consistent coaching to avoid getting near the cliff, contact me.


Take care.

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