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High Heel Shoes For Women, Why?: 4/30/13

What’s fashionable about having the women we love walk around on stilts, their feet arched at unnatural and uncomfortable angle, toes crushed, putting pressure on back and the rest off their bodies? I’ve never heard one women say that after walking around in high heels all day or night, that their feet were comfortable. Yeah, I’ve seen some women look real good in high heels, but, so! It hurts; think, we wouldn’t give our daughters… Continue reading

Root/CAUSE of child bullying, legality of them being bullied

Children learn more from what adults do, rather than what they say. Adults defend spanking; tradition, religion, ‘Spare the rod, spoil the child, Pro 13:24’, ‘If you beat them they will not die, Pro 23:13.’ Our courts a parents right to discipline/beat/bully their children; what if the child asked the courts to enforce biblical law surrounding adultery; Lev 20:10, ‘kill adulterers’ ? Nervous? Accused felons and prisoners have more constitutional protection from being bullied and… Continue reading

White House Petition Against Corporal Punishment

Why is it 1egal to hit kids, but not prisoners?

“Do not withhold correction from a child, for if you beat [them] with a rod, [they] will not die.”Proverbs 23:13, ‘spare the rod, spoil the child’, we use the Bible to justify beating our children. Hmmm, Leviticus 20:9, says; anyone who curses [their] father or mother should be put to death; 20.:10, says anyone committing adultry should he put to death. We’re not… Continue reading

Suspended Miranda rights for U.S. Citizen’s: 4/21/13

I didn’t know that an American citizen’s miranda, 5th amendment¬†constitutional rights could be suspended, ignored; norIknow that it could be suspended and the person questioned by a special interrogation team. Does that mean enhanced interrogation techniques can be employed when ‘someone’ deems miranda/5th amendment suspended? Boston marathon, horrific crime, yes; but be careful what weassent to in fear, slippery slope. Our forefathers had the hindsight to know that mob justice, isn’t justice; what is it, un-American.

BOSTON 4/21/13

Thoughts, prayers out to and with you.

Hate – Common, But Love Rules; Feb. 14, 2013

Hater(s) are common, but even the majority of them have something or at least someone that they love that keeps them anchored. Bombarded with media every day with bad news, what then keeps us treading along; despite any and all hurts, it’s love experiences and the feelings they fill us with that makes swimming through life-hurts worth it. It’s the kiss, the touch, the whisper of a lover; it’s the smile, reassurance(s), the moment with… Continue reading

Immigration Reform 2/13/11

Immigration reform, long term effects. Limited, exploitable work-force, that will in the least drive up the price of food. Exploitable crop-pickers allows us (Americans) to enjoy cheaper food. Once such work force is endowed with constitutional rights enforceable with court orders and police guns to ensure compliance, price of food will rise. The new legal immigrants will naturally want better for their young who are being educated on tax-payer’s dime, thus no need to follow… Continue reading

What is TRUTH; Reality? Feb. 13, 2013

There are very few absolute truths, arithmatic has absolute answers, not debatable, but even the color we define something as is debatable because at the root of color-definition is a human assigning colors to such. That is said in order to stress this point, truth is subjective and in most instances are cemented in personal, cultural, class, gender, religious, political, national/ country biases, in other words OPTNIONS. What is right, what is wrong.

Opinions differ,… Continue reading

Brief Re-Introduction; Feb 11, 2013

I’ve been physically inprisoned going on 20 years, missed other’s definitions of what a blog is or should be, structured, etc.; that’s probably good, I like self-defining and this will be all me. My blog will be what I call power-truths, (opinions), not long dissertations seeking to convince you that I know what I’m talking about; instead it will be blunt, quick opinions of mine shared with you in order to provoke thought, reminders of… Continue reading

Why Rehabilitation Cannot Work for Masses

Money. Prison personnel, the correctors of corrections, prison, feed their families through prison jobs. In America profiting from crime, there must be a victim.

To maintain the sustainability of something sold on the stock market, you need to be able to predict the availability and profitability of the stock (the inmate), the same with the market (crime). If there were serious efforts to rehabilitate existing stock (inmates), and programs set up to rehabilitate the predictable… Continue reading