Realities of a Prison System

The Answer to Inmate Rehabilitation

On the weekend of Nov. 23-24, I was humbled, awed, inspired, and on occasion brought to tears of healing on issues that I thought I had long ago addressed. Any of you who have followed and or are just now getting acquainted with my views listed throughout this blog, know the tI am somewhat opinionated on the experiences I have had during my incarceration. – be sure to check out the video.

I need… Continue reading

California Governor Brown, Prison Reduction

You fail 70+% of the time in your mandate, recidivism rate over 70%, yet the public keeps trusting you with the problem. wow! Follow the money, get behind and beyond the emotional hype; a lot of people eat well off of there being uncontrollable crime, yet you expect them to curb that which feeds them … really!

Cost of Prisoners – we’re paying for it!

1 Billion Dollars vs. 250 Million Dollars
Prisons vs. Students
More Prisons vs. Better Education

Each prisoner costs about 43,000 dollars per year, yet each school district is getting less than 10,000 dollars per student per year.

In a single word, WOW! The lawmakers are spending 4 times as much money to house a single prisoner, rather than developing the education of our youth. In addition, they would have the public believe that those funds… Continue reading


Description of what a 602 is:

Prisoners who have a problem with prison policies or actions must file what is called a 602. For their complaints to be heard by someone outside of the prison, courts, etc., a prisoner must exhaust the 602-administrative process; failure to do so will bar them from Court-Review.

The following appeals were filed by La Merle this year, the prison refused to process either appeal which technically bars him from… Continue reading


2nd / 3rd Strikes & Contracts

85-95% of all criminal cases are resolved through plea agreements. A plea agreement is the process when a person pleads guilty to lesser charges in exchange for a reduced sentence. This plea avoids the State having to expend the resources on trials. It also avoids the defendant being exposed to the maximum amount of time that conviction on all of the charges could carry. Furthermore, it avoids the standstill… Continue reading

3 Strike Law

2nd/3rd Strike

Did you know … Each prisoner costs about 43,000 dollars per year, yet each school district is getting less than 10,000 dollars per student per year. Read more about this!

Over the years there has been many methods explored to reduce what some believe to be the adverse effects of three-strike laws. Undoubtedly there will continue to be such efforts until success is deemed reached.

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What: Drug use, alcohol, marijuana, methamphetamine.

The typical profile I am describing needs to emerge in a way that the typical female can understand as possibly being the very man she is letting live with her right now. I will outline several of the key personality traits to be aware of.

He’s been out of work for at least six months or more, or to never of been gainfully employed in a steady job for… Continue reading

Protect Children in Prison Visiting

At a time when the prison population is at an all time high, we “society” have deemed certain crimes more heinous than other’s. Sex-crimes against minors, which besides being exploited by media-outlets for shock/scare-value, many are not comfortable with discussing.

The offenders of these crimes are not mandated upon incarceration to participate in any self-help or counseling classes. We, society, love to scream that incarceration is about rehabilitation, but are deficient to provide it in… Continue reading

I am a Convicted Sex Offender. Convicted of having sex with a minor.

My name is General Jackson and I was convicted of having unlawful sex with a minor. During my incarceration I have come into contact with other men who also have sex-crimes; and because we both were convicted of sex-crimes, I have been trusted on numerous occasions with the specific details of their crimes.

These men are in need of help, they have very serious problems which are not being addressed by the prisons, most of… Continue reading

A Christian’s Perspective

As a man who has been a Christian, attempting to follow the tenets of Jesus for more than two decades, I believe that one of my greatest obligations, which is also a blessing, is to forgive (Lev 19:18; Mt 6:14). By forgiving, all parties can move forward with the goal of healing and wholeness. I believe this regardless of the criminal offense (sin). This includes those who have committed crimes against children, but please know… Continue reading