Domestic Violence

People who engage in domestic violence, or accept being subjected to such, are struggling with issues that need to be addressed. When not addressed through intervention, proof i in our statistical crime reports. First suspect in a killing is always the spouse, why? And since we know we usually suspect and or need to clear the spouse, what does that say about what we know and are not addressing about relationships, the #1 suspect, the person who is supposed to love you?

In the near future we will be presenting ideas for domestic violence programs in prison, more money for prisons, bloat, blah …! Okay, spend the money now, or hospitalize/bury who in the future? These broken people in prison will get out … fixed, broken; you’ve (society) already experienced their unaddressed pain, so much so that you’ve incarcerated them as punishment and to be protected from them. Doesn’t it make sense to address that which caused the anti-social behavior in the first place?

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