Hate Is An Opportunity to Challenge Ourselves

There’s a lot going on right now, impossible for me to fail not to see it; what to do with this energy being outwardly exposed through camera-phones, that’s another story.
I get angry, mad, frustrated, disappointed, the root to all of this emoting, fear, fear. I’m scared; scared to be black in a world that fears /shames my skin-tone, the hue that I didn’t not choose, the hue that origin of human comes from, the hue that those who fail to share it, seek the sun or substitutes in order to obtain but yet fail to like ME some do, attempt to have my swag, many do.
See my skin not as an assault or an indication of any lack on my or your part, see my swag as flavor added to a world in need of us all to flavor it; see our time together on mother-earth as so short and so predictably coming to an individual end, that time we do not have to hate, breath to short on this planet to not experience what it really is, love.
I’m not going to apologize for the hue of my skin, my swag, as I don’t seek apologies from other’s for theirs; I seek fairness, equality, opportunity to excel or fail based on who I am as a human, as a spirit-being having an earthly experience, JUST LIKE YOU!
Challenge ignorance, hate, that is our opportunity; un-fortunately in being about this challenge we most often find the challenges is the reflection in self-mirror.
Until next time.

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