I am a Convicted Sex Offender. Convicted of having sex with a minor.

My name is General Jackson and I was convicted of having unlawful sex with a minor. During my incarceration I have come into contact with other men who also have sex-crimes; and because we both were convicted of sex-crimes, I have been trusted on numerous occasions with the specific details of their crimes.

These men are in need of help, they have very serious problems which are not being addressed by the prisons, most of these men will be released from prison; and many have confessed that they still possess a desire to molest children, either by directly stating it, and or when speaking of their acts, lacking any remorse and not speaking of desire not to do it again.

Prison visiting rooms are full of children. People like myself, convicted of having any sexual-relations with a minor, can not visit with children. Personally I have no desire to molest a child, and avocation of preventing those convicted of sex-acts from any visits where minors are present, will adversely effect me. I have family, friends, grown-children and grandchildren who really want to visit me.

But, putting true child-predators in current visiting room settings where any children are present is like putting an alcoholic in a bar and being surprised if he is tempted and or does drink.

The problem is this serious; if it takes my sacrificing my ability to visit with my family for the next decade that I am scheduled to be incarcerated, I am willing to do so to protect these children; thus I fully support the efforts of www.realisticreform.com to rehabilitate sex-offenders, and to prevent child-predators from being in a visiting-room setting where children are present, www.youtube.com/lisabenoit1.

General Jackson, F-82251
P.O. 409060 (C11-143U)
Ione, CA 95640-9060

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