Justice departments unwarranted actions against press under the guise of national security; hmmm.

Freedom of press, on of the most patriotic things is to ask questions;

  • National security always a real concern, but the statement of such is not a blanket to oppress tax-payers questions about what’s being done with their tax-dollars and in their names.
  • Drone-attacks; what enemies are we creating for tomorrow, when we kill masses in order to get to one, calling the innocent of that or other groups, accidental collateral damage, supposedly making us safer today?
  • Walk in someone else’s shoes, you’ll learn at least empathy/sympathy for their views, even if in the end you still disagree with them; healthier dialogues results.
  • Rational-dialogues, set foundation for rational compromise; extremism especially under color of authority sets a foundation to fail because it leaves so many disgruntled views (people) in its wake to become policy/law.
  • Psychological assistance, should be mandatory for soldiers, police/first responders, criminals, to process the shit they’ve seen and or done.
  • When problem solving skill is hurting (killing, etc.) people, inhumane acts toward other humans, regardless of the labeled reasoning we attach to the why’s of such, Patriotism/War (Soldiering), Protecting/Serving (Police), Criminality (Criminals), the behavior, mindset, violence is the same, something unnatural. How does the mind process that, disengage from the thought of the correctness of such when in a societal atmosphere?
  • Military, we’re training, asking babies, 18 year olds that we don’t even allow to drink because we don’t deem them responsible enough to be able to handle it, to maim/kill in the name of God/country. Pause, necessary, sadly, yes, we need a military, but let’s not fail to acknowledge what we’re doing, asking of them. We bring them back from war-zones, where they’ve seen only God knows what, and then what? Debriefing, psychological/problem solving skills in a civilian setting should be mandatory, taking the stigma off of them having to seek it.
  • Cheerio commercial; interracial couple with a interracial child, so many racist-rants that the comment section on their website had to be disabled. People,. . . really! Yeah, really. Those hate/people will always exist, our power is in our ability to compassionately ignore hate and keep keeping loving.
  • Power of and in genuine compassion, people not only feel it, they hear you because they know that to truly be compassionate, you heard/hear them.
  • No matter how committed we are to any point of view, the one guarantee in life is that it will end for you; point, identify what really brings you joy, peace, and experience it. 
  • Note: What legacy/world will you leave for those you love?
  • Make the world a better place, more peaceful, makes it better for those you love and will inevitably leave here.
  • Often we’ll pass a troubled child, person, and think not my problem; all these ‘not my problems’, when not healed will become a problem. . . for who?
  • True, some people for a variety of reasons will not be amenable to being helped, but; babies aren’t born wrong, evil, most are trained not nurtured into that mind/action set.

Closing on this entry; we all have a right to not gibe a fuck, we have a right to choose such, Lord knows being in prison and having some of the experiences I and others have had could justify the convicted being indifferent to the plight of masses, but that doesn’t make it right or conducive to the evolvement of our society, species. I care, so I express it in this fashion, am I right, wrong, subject to debate and that’s healthy. In my opinion what is not healthy is to not know what is going on outside of your immediate life, that’s not only not healthy, it’s dangerous (Hitler, etc.). World can be ugly, true, and to know of such and or to engage it is uncomfortable; but it can also be beautiful, and to not know beauty/love and engage it, thats not living. Peace.

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