Ken Burns, ‘The Central Park Five’: 6/4/13

On April 18th or 19th, 1989, Trisha Meils was the victim of a horrific rape; arrested/charged with the crime were Antron McCray, Raymond Santana Jr., Yusef Salaam, Korey Wise, and Kevin Richardson, they confessed.

Actually, no, they didn’t; these young men were framed, the frame up had respected politicians using the case to justify bringing the death penalty back. The crime plead on some basic American racial-feelings, black men raping a white woman; it was all a lie.

Eventually the sole rapist, Matias Reyes, confessed; DNA matched him. The framers (prosecutor/police), no one charged with perjury or any type of crime, the media who daily covered the crime, trial, barely a whisper of the framed innocence and the police corruption surrounding such.;
I’ve been a victim of police/prosecutorial corruption and I’m guilty of my underline crimes, I can’t even imagine being innocent and not just falsely accused but actually knowingly framed by those sworn to uphold the law.

I tip my hat of to those who serve in law enforcement, to maintain civility in our nation you’re needed; but I don’t want to feel safe, I need to be safe, and that includes safe from the law thinking and acting as if they are above our constitution. Sometimes a bad person may get away, but we’re not made safer by you framing an innocent person; the bad person continues committing crimes, but we may have quit looking for them because you told us you had them and we were now safe.

Ken Burns, as always, amazing job; to Trisha Meils, God bless you and sorry you had to go through that; Matias Reyes, thank you for finally confessing, you want to do something real big, explain to us (law/society) what makes a serial rapist tick so that we can help someone harboring such fantasies prior to them victimizing someone; Central Park Five, never can they give back what was taken, but you have the power not to give them what they tried to take, your spirit/soul/joy, God Bless you.

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