Lose Our Spirit/Morality to Revenge : 4/21/13

Boston marathon terrorist attack has us sad, mad, at the root of these emotions, FEAR. We want revenge, celebrated in the street, . . .”We got him!” Question, got who? The person (Dzhokhar Tsarnaev/tool) who committed an act we’re describing as terrorist, or, do we get and have we challenged ourselves to address what motivates anyone to do that?

We don’t win catching a terrorist or a criminal who’s acted, have

we not noticed that they don’t value their lives so it’s easy for them not to value others? We don’t win when our FBI internet stings entrap disgruntled would he extremists that they make fake bombs for; note,they missed the Tsarnaev brother’s with that one. We cannot succeed with our current playbook; we lost and are losing the war on terrorism; 20 highjackers committed 9/11, we suspended our constitution and depleted our treasury to combat what? Hate.

Howmuch will our desires for revenge, to avenge, cost? We’re being played by hate, fear; it’s not too late to stop, to pause, think, breath, exhale, and be what an American and America is, a beacon of light, hope.

keep suspending our rights in order to feel safe, not necessarily be safe, and we may awake to learn that we’ve expelled what America strives to mean, freedom; and that is the goal of terrorism, the terrorist’s goal; for us, to lose, U.S.

2 Responses to Lose Our Spirit/Morality to Revenge : 4/21/13

  • LaMerle Johnson says:

    I admire you so much big brother. I love you, too!!!!

  • Danielle martin says:

    You just have a knowing about you LaMerle, if only the powers that be could apply as much simple common sense and follow through unattached to any selfish or ego driven benefit, now that’s a world I want to live in! Love your work LaMerle. OMPMH, dm

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