Why so serious, no, seriously why?

Why so serious, no, seriously why? Does it make us more adult like, mature; does it make time stop, speed up, get us to what, when? Are we living when in serious mode, or are we failing to live and are settling in existence because we fail to see/fell during that state of mind.

Why as an adult am I encourage not to doubt me, encouraged to act as if I know it all, that my other adult peers know it all; “fake it till you make it.” Bullshit, how then will I learn if I can’t admit not knowing, won’t accept responsibility in wrong, won’t compromise; won’t expect yesterdays through real glasses and learn from it, instead of theming that past human beings were less human (petty,etc.) than current ones?

Why are we here if not to try and bring light/joy to today; if not for the opportunity to love, why breathe?

Ever feel like; “Am I the only one watching/seeing, this shit!”

When did it become un-American to question authority, to doubt and be skeptical, when? And how dangerous is that;to trust government who openly assert that were too stupid to be able to handle the truth?

Why are our politicians bought and sold by lobbyist, yet we still call it democracy.

Why do we hate the other person’s hate but won’t challenge our own?

How will our children do better, if we don’t/won’t.

The difference is you; too busy to be the difference, the truth, challenge will eat at you until you step up.

Strive to heal hate, or no matter what liberties we forfeit in the name of safety

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