My first post since being released. 9/28/14

I was released on May 3, 2014, shortly thereafter I learned that California Governor Edmund (Jerry) Brown was directly involved in the least ascertaining the validity of my parole plan. Follows is the video of myself and Bishop Bob Jackson.

Since being released I have been doing a lot of things, one of the things I’ve done is talk to a class of teenagers at a San Francisco continuation school. First 58-seconds, sideways; after that my first kgo ABC-news video is shown, I start talking at 8:15.

I’m living and pushing forward with many of the ideas that I envisioned while in prison, but, in humility I have learned some-things that have made me pause, re-consider many things. While in behind bars I didn’t see as much as I thought I saw; this in-sight doesn’t negate the raw-truth that I was exposed to, but I see that every-thing that I thought was necessary to fix things, might not necessarily be the the overall solution. More on this later. Out for now. Next time I’ll share how school is going, full time student at a community college. Peace.

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  • Non Traditional College Student says:

    Hi Lamerle ! So many years has passed since we befriended at Morris Brown College.You confided In me about your past and I remember looking on In disbelief at this Well spoken handsome young man .Your eyes and deliverance of your TRANSITION revealed your HONESTY, I watched as you tried “TO DO THE RIGHT THING” I never met “THE GANGSTA CALI GUY”HOWEVER ,I heard he came out when you were kicked out of school. Thanks for the money you sent a struggling full time college student single parent of one…I had to drop out shortly after you left I couldn’t afford child care and I didn’t qualify for assistance, As I raised and nurtured my son your upbringing played a valuable role….NEVER STOP TELLING YOUR STORY!!! I thought you’d DIED. THIS MORNING 10-14-14 I WOKE UP AND DECIDED TO GOOGLE YOUR NAME AND ALL THE BLOGS APPEARED ALONG WITH YOUR RECENT RELEASE DATE.let me tell you I’m not a fan of GOOGLE when It comes to searching someone’s personal life I’m grateful for this simple search that was long overdue but has its SEASON. I’m still a PRIVATE PERSON BUT I GUESS YOU STILL HAVE YOUR WAY OF GETTING ME TO OPEN UP…TO MOVE FORWARD. I’m A MARRIED MOTHER OF TWO. I SEE NOTHING BUT GREATNESS COMING YOUR WAY…I’m smiling and crying at same the time as I watch you SPEAK LIFE INTO THE YOUTHS IN A CLASSROOM SETTING BRINGS BACK 1989 MEMORIES!

  • Non Traditional Student says:

    MY DEAR FRIEND-MY DEAR FRIEND:( . We’ve spoken daily since your quick response to my comment(the only comment) on October 14,2014. Sharing and helping each other through joyous and trying times.AGAIN you entered my life and made a tremendous DIFFERENCE. Always understanding(as I smile while crying) Or you had a great way of making me feel as though you understood. Everyday ….I’d tell you what you were experiencing(your marriage, arrivals of births) all before you’d say a word!! As you did the same with me. A connection/vibe/energy we’ve exchanged since you stood up for me at our Morris Brown College math class A class filled with our rowdy/ joking football team. The class noisy as usual.You the youngest and smallest male stood before these MASSIVE PLAYERS with your voice of reason, and stated that,” Everyone In this class Is NOT here due to receiving an athletic scholarship and this young lady right here needs this class to get out of her current situation and you all are gonna sit down & shut the F’ up and allow her to get what she came here for” 😉 how did you know? other than me bringing my son age 2 to class with me on occasionally . How did you know? It worked! the room was completely silenced. I walked out of class feeling your presence behind me, I slowly turned to Thank you ! Unbeknownst to me, you were making sure that I made It to my car safely as you’d quietly done so many times before. Such a gentleman . You were 18 yrs of age and ! was a 22 years old “A Non Traditional Student. ………… When we last conversed “you were on your way to the retreat”. last text from you”you’d arrived to the retreat location”. I awaited the personal videos to my cellphone.I’m still waiting…… I was awakened by gurgling In my chest/ In my lungs.I FELT AS IF I WAS DROWNING IN MY SLEEP. I Immediately coughed and not only did I feel the “gurgle” I HEARD THE MASS OF FLUID IN MY LUNGS! . Once again I felt the urgency to hear your hear voice. Something Isn’t right..2 yrs later and I’m still not feeling SOCIAL MEDIA…I searched your FACEBOOK & Googled your name on yesterday 12/22/16 . News Articles …Condolences…SO MANY LIVES TOUCHED. I’m in disbelief. My heartaches .. ……………PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.. respond to this comment MY DEAR FRIEND Lamerle!! Ask me how was my day/How are my children? Ask How Is my marriage? Thanks for not missing a beat . For picking up where you left off 20++ years ago. These past 2 years I’ve not only found YOU, I’ve found ME! My Family Thanks you ! Many Many Blessings TO YOUR FAMILY AS YOUR LEGACY SHALL LIVE ON THROUGH THE TESTIMONIES OF SO MANY OTHERS LIKE MYSELF THAT THROUGH YOUR JOURNEY ,YOUR PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, YOUR ABILITY TO TALK ABOUT IT, TO LISTEN…YOU’VE HELPED THE HEALING PROCESS….YOU”RE MENDING FAMILIES , PREVENTING PAIN ,& ENDING VICIOUS CYCLES. 1LUV Lamerle!

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