Obama / Snowden / NSA / America

I’m not comfortable writing about this, I don’t want and especially don’t need to be on any anti-government list. But ….
What does America mean when you can’t question government without ending cup on some watch list; what does it mean when our “Press” is corporate-sponsored-owned and they basically do PR for government press releases; what does it mean when our government outright lies to us, gets caught, and we accept that t-HE-y “mis-spoke”; what does it mean when we’r so enamored with our president’s race, verbiage, mannerism, that we …
Sometimes I watch the news and I get scared that our arrogance, fear, indifference, ego, hate, will destroy the world, not just our nation Power, real power, is in humility; should we not have an army, address the real threats out there, etc. No, that’s not what I’m saying. But must we try to control everything, must we continue to wage these secret wars, and then when publicly retaliated against we play stupid and pump our society up into waging know wars, sacrificing our children/treasures/values? I often wonder how many conflicts would we find ourselves in if the people who benefit privately and those who publicly sell the need for such, had to send their children and grand children to the front lines to do the killing and dying …?
Is the NSA necessary, is Snowden a hero; how would those doing the spying, feel if they were unknowingly being spied upon? Who really wants to be spied on when engaged in private moments/communications. Damn that wrap about if you’re not doing anything you have nothing to worry about. Who really wants the government in all their business, and having them do so without their knowledge or voted upon consent?
Without whistle blowers, what would we know or not know; and where would we be or not be?

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