Paula Dean

Plantation wedding for her brother, use of the word nigger (not niggah), during the 1980’s; hmmmm. Personally I’m not that upset about it. Why? I was born in 1971, many of the oppressed blacks that raised/reared me often made statements/comments that were prejudiced based; honky, redneck, white-devil, etc., and those feelings ran so deep that if in a position of power they would have had/implemented racist policies/practices that adversely affected whites.
So, why are we shocked that a white woman from the south, in her age-group, uttered racist/prejudice comments/ideas? And why didn’t her advisor’s advise her to get in front of the damn storm instead of allowing it to leak out. “You held/had ideas from your time that for whatever reason was instilled in you, often our culture/community/teacher’s instill ideas/morals into our head that are bullshit. They don’t do this necessarily out of malice, they do it because you can only give to another that which is in you. The challenge in life is to challenge our belief systems that others gave us. There is no set trim/age limit for this, Lyndon B. Johnson who signed the civil rights bill, was a Texas Democrat in the 50s/60s, do you really think he never made a racist statement or had a racist thought? But still, when the time was right, he stood and signed legislation that many thought was a betrayal to his race and their vote.
My point: get over it. Be glad that your private utterances that aren’t politically correct isn’t being divulged. Ms. Dean, quit apologizing for yesterday and if it is only to save your brand the universe (God) will reward you for such, instead demonstrate what healing can be; and oh, I wouldn’t mind a pie.

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