Roe v. Wade will soon be irrelevant in many states, Texas etc., because the opportunity to afford yourself of choice will be so limited that many unwanted pregnancies/childbirth’s will occur.
I wouldn’t want any of my children to be aborted, my personal opinion. But should I be able to make a woman carry to term a baby she doesn’t want/need; if so, am I willing to spend my tax dollars in helping her raise that unwanted child? hmmm. Many pro lifers would love to see them donating time/money/homes to the thousands of unwanted children in American foster care, juvenile detention, etc. so, I’ve seen pro lifers violently block access to abortion clinics, even killing in the name of preserving the life of the unborn; but yet to see them bring that same energy to preserving the life of the born unwanted, a banded, no one to nurture care for. Perspective, Priorities, Please!

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