Protect Children in Prison Visiting

At a time when the prison population is at an all time high, we “society” have deemed certain crimes more heinous than other’s. Sex-crimes against minors, which besides being exploited by media-outlets for shock/scare-value, many are not comfortable with discussing.

The offenders of these crimes are not mandated upon incarceration to participate in any self-help or counseling classes. We, society, love to scream that incarceration is about rehabilitation, but are deficient to provide it in areas we need it the most. In being really honest, we’re encouraging sex-crimes against minors. By allowing offenders to be around minors in prison visiting-rooms. It is frightening to think that in a matter of seconds our children can be victimized.

Please help us in our endeavors to have sex-offenders re-habilitated, and banned from visiting-room if they are a threat to children:

David Barron, P-40858
P.O. 409060 (CG-159M)
Ione, CA 95640-9060

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