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Greetings. On 10/2/13 I took my refuge; fellow Christians (what does he mean, fellow? smile); that’s akin to being saved. I’m a Buddhist Practitioner, would have kept it to myself but part of my dharma, way, is to share so I am.

  • What do I mean by fellow Christian, or fellow Muslim, or fellow any other religious/spiritual journey or lack thereof? We’re all one, no matter the path we take to reach peace, heaven, nirvana, enlightenment, the route of our journey may be different but the goal is the same.
  • Venerable (monk) Kian Zhong, administered. I’m not sure if that is the right word, I’m new at this, but you grasp what I’m saying and in effective communication that’s the point.
    No, I’m not converting my blog to an only spiritual setting, life is balance, spirit being a part of it, but not all.
  • No, I’m not retracting an of my previous works, thoughts; my spiritual focus, journey may alter my perspective on some things and when or if so I’ll communicate such, but to see me go somewhere one must know where it is I come form, so filter me from yesterday I won’t.
  • In everything I do I need to be conscious of MY intent in sharing and caring, attempt to envision unintended consequences as such as anyone can, know or hope that my intent is pure and from a compassionate place with desire to help, then proceed.
  • Will it always turn out okay, whatever okay means and who  ti means that to, hopefully, I just must  do what I do with compassion/hoe/love for all and keep this brian called life moving.
  • What I must now do is EIP the emotion of anger from that which I think, convey; real easy for the point to be lost or manipulated by some for others not to see it if clouded in that fearful emotion.

So, what do I have to say specifically about any current specific event, nothing … but this: in life, the world, we will get back the energy, love indifference, carelessness, hate, anger, whatever emotion, intent we put in or ignore being put in. Our politics our world is a reflection of us as a species overall; we want change, evolvement, compromise, then we must first start with self awareness and from that the energy can’t help but spread.


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