Seriously, our government has intelligence, secret of course, that justifiers us surely killing some innocent people in order to teach the Assad regime that we mean business. Wow, current history teach us nothing.

Tell me again why we want to topple an Islamic country regime, aid the rebels fighting such, whom we know little about, in order to accomplish (Iraq/Libya/Afghanistan/Egypt/etc.) what, and to suffer int he future, what?

Subject of killing people so important, Senator McCain too bored to pay attention to views not his own during senates hearings. He’s playing video poker, we should feel bad because he says he was losing. Wow!

Sometimes I wonder, is society being protected from me and other prisoner’s or are we (prisoners) being protected from it? When asking our children, soldiers to push buttons to send bombs that will kill people, shouldn’t we hope that it’s not because we’ve come up with a redline (like children on a school years) and those advocating the killing aren’t playing video poker during deliberations to kill!

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