The Answer to Inmate Rehabilitation

On the weekend of Nov. 23-24, I was humbled, awed, inspired, and on occasion brought to tears of healing on issues that I thought I had long ago addressed. Any of you who have followed and or are just now getting acquainted with my views listed throughout this blog, know the tI am somewhat opinionated on the experiences I have had during my incarceration. – be sure to check out the video.

I need to thank and acknowledge not only the program but the following spirits in physical form that I personally came into contact with:

  • Stanley, Karen, Deanne, Chemin, Lorelei, Chris, Bear
    I triaged with all of the above, I’m a better man for it, a better spirit in form for it.
  • Co-Facilitator’s: Bonnie & David
  • Facilitators in Training: Howard and Chemin
  • Christiana, one of the people I spoke to on the side who will turn her training into everyday job.

This experience reminded me of something that in my anger/hurt/fear I can sometimes get away from. Most people are not sociopaths with no feeling abilities, many are just doing the best they can based on the experience and information their brain cycle draws decisions from. Inevitable that children will grow into adult form, biology insures that that occurs, what it does not insure is that the heart, soul, hurts heal from the child into healthy adult form.

Simply put, be open to healing people’s past – SHIT!, hurts, and not only will we reduce our prison populations, but if everyone in the world had this opportunity can we envision how peaceful our world and human experience can be. The point of us all breathing air is to get to that point of compassion, love for all things, people. Seems dreamy I know, but if love isn’t the point then what point is there in breathing?

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